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Employee Engagement – Part 2


Employee Engagement – Part 2

Once you have ascertained that may be you could do more to increase your workforce employee engagement, it is time to take some action to collect your employee questionnaire information.

It is important to work out what your organisation’s Critical Success Factors are before you start creating your questions. Once you have decided how you are going to collect the information, you must communicate what you are doing and why. Employees get very suspicious about change and this process has to be explained, probably more than once, to make sure you get the best out of the answers.

Some employees may need help.

An infographic helping to illustrate employee engagement.

Bear in mind, some employees may need help in completing the form or may just be unwilling to give the answers. Ideally you would like to have 100% of employees complete the questionnaire, but do not force them if they are reluctant. You are asking them to help you, not the other way around.

Once you have the answers, compile the scores and you should see where you sit under engaged vs not engaged vs dis-engaged. A very valuable piece of information indeed and don’t forget, it is not a one-off exercise.

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