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Regardless of the size or standing of your business – whether you own a new start-up looking to establish itself locally or a director of a long-established firm with a national reach, having clearly defined policies, processes and management in place for employees is a critical factor in your Company's ongoing success. If you're looking for outsourced HR services that can enable the easy and prompt management of your employees, our dedicated team at HR Smart can help. No matter the business sector you operate in or the type of business you run, we have the experience to offer you expert HR support and advice. Whether you are in a period of growth or need to consolidate, whether your employees work from a physical or remote location (or a combination of the two), our knowledge can help to put your employee management processes on a solid footing, creating a stable base from which to achieve business success and profitability.

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Click on the links below to read more about our outsourced HR services for businesses of all sizes across West Sussex.

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HR Manager Service

Difficult employee issues to resolve or need an HR Project completing? Our consultants based in West Sussex are experienced in providing onsite HR support and HR project guidance.

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HR Helpline

Got an urgent HR question? Access our extensive HR experience and knowledge of West Sussex businesses whenever you need it with our HR Helpline service.

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Employment Documentation

Need contracts and policies that protect your business in West Sussex? We design them with you so that they will do just that for you.

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Specialist Projects

We know there are exceptions to almost every rule and times when a bespoke HR project is required. We're here and ready to help with those, too. Simply contact our West Sussex office to discuss.

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HR Systems and Reporting

Want to reduce time spent on employee admin or secure HR data? We have class-leading HR systems that do this.

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HR Training

Are your managers struggling with HR issues? Invest in our HR Training and gain our expertise.

How can our hr services help?

Fundamentally, a strong approach to HR will help develop, reinforce, and even improve your organisation's culture. HR Smart's services for West Sussex businesses cover human resource planning, employee documentation, recruitment, onboarding, pay, performance management, training, and development. If you get all of these processes right, you will have the best opportunity to create a vibrant, exciting business that is a pleasure to work for and to do business with.

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Communicating what, when and why

For local West Sussex business start-ups, having employment contracts and a few key policies and procedures in place from the outset will ensure that new employees can get to work right away, helping to establish the firm and a great culture.

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Dealing with growth

As your business employs more staff, obtaining an HR Helpline will help ensure that you keep up with your legal responsibilities by allowing you to ask questions whenever needed.

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Instilling Knowledge

With growth comes the need to employ and assign managers for different aspects of the business. The issue may be that your staff need more experience managing teams. HR Smart's bespoke West Sussex training courses offer management training support to allow your management team to understand their responsibilities and how they relate to Employment Law.

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Getting to the next level

It could be that the business grows to a level that even fully trained managers can't keep up with employee and HR issues. HR Smart's HR Manager service can resolve this issue by providing bespoke onsite support. We design a tailored package for your specific Company requirements and budget.

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Recruiting your HR Manager

Companies that grow to have around 100 employees or more should consider employing a dedicated HR Manager. HR Smart's "Lifecycle" ethos means we are here to help you recruit the right person for your organisation and complement your medium—and long-term plans by providing ongoing HR project support.

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Outsourced HR Services FAQs

By asking HR Smart to complete an HR Risk Audit, we will be able to tell you exactly where your organisation’s policies and procedures are compliant with current employment law legislation and where updates may be needed.

Our service consists of a one off annual payment in return for being able to contact us by phone or email with any HR issue or problem. Our service runs during normal office hours, with an answerphone for out of hours calls.

If your organisation is of a size that only need HR resource on an infrequent basis, HR Smart is able to devise a service and payment plan that will ensure you have HR resources whenever you need it, for a fraction of the cost of employing an HR specialist.

You do not need to employ a solicitor to draw up your employment documentation. We will design the documents to your organisation’s specific needs and make sure that they cover employment and business risks.

Having an HR system in place means that you have all employee data at your fingertips to be able to run reports, manage holidays and absence and store documents electronically.

HR Smart’s Management Training programme is designed to give managers the information and confidence they need to manage their teams. After going through our course they will be able to deal with disciplinaries, grievances, workplace conflict and appraisals.

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