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Running your own business can be difficult and time-consuming enough, but when employee problems demand attention, where do you find the support that ensures you are acting within current UK employment law?


In the belief that it will help to keep costs down, you may be tempted to undertake the HR process yourself – however, the tough reality is that employers will often learn that without expert HR knowledge and support, small issues can turn into large and costly problems quite easily.

This is where our HR Helpline can help. As HR specialists, we can advise the best course of action to take to solve your problem, avoiding unnecessary costs and the stress that can result from following an incorrect or unlawful process.

Why Use an HR Helpline?

HR Smart’s HR Helpline offers advice on any employment related problem or issue, whether it’s sick pay or holiday pay, maternity or paternity leave, redundancy or a dismissal.


Having access to a helpline dedicated to human resources offers you the reassurance that you’ll be managing the situation in line with current UK employment law, taking the pressure off an otherwise stressful and time-consuming process.

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Saving on costs is another aspect that many of our clients cite as reasons why they have chosen to go with an HR outsourced service. Whilst not establishing in-house HR departments is an obvious cost saving, the ability to attain up-to-date legal advice when you need to, ensures that you are using best practices in your employment procedures. This reduces the opportunity for costly mistakes to be made.


Why Subscribe to Our Human Resources Helpline?

Our human resources helpline is designed to offer HR support to your business when you need it.


Having worked with a vast range of business sectors, we can ensure that your business will receive high-quality HR advice that will suit its circumstances; regardless if it employs 1 or 150 people.

Available on a contract basis, our expert team have over 50 years of commercial and employment law experience. HR Smart has advised our clients on all areas of Employment Law and Human Resources issues since 2004.


Operating daily via phone or e-mail, once you have subscribed to our HR Helpline, you can contact us on an unlimited basis as often as you like – without any concerns about restrictions. All advice given is in line with current legislation, industry best practice and will be shaped around the particular needs of your business.

By going to HR Smart, your business will benefit from

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Advice on any of your employment issues, as well as the presentation of a step-by-step solution where applicable

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UNLIMITED HR support for a fixed fee on a minimum 12-month contract

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NO CAP on the number of questions asked or time spent contacting us

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All of our advice is legally compliant and practical

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You will receive a FREE review of your contract of employment as soon as you subscribe.

Further reasons to use an HR Helpline

Employment law (and the many aspects that comprise it) is subject to constant change – these changes can be somewhat difficult to keep up with if you have many other tasks to do within the business on a daily basis.


When you consider the many aspects that comprise ‘human resources’, there is much to keep up with too. Being able to access HR professionals at a time that suits will ensure that you have all of the up-to-date advice you need.

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Our HR Helpline helps you manage a wide range of situations, including:

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Contract queries

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Dismissal processes

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Sick leave questions

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Holiday pay calculations

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Disciplinary processes

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Advice on resolving disputes

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Grievance procedures

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Advice on Redundancy matters

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Our service consists of a one off annual payment in return for being able to contact us by phone or email with any HR issue or problem. Our service runs during normal office hours, with an answerphone for out of hours calls.
Our service is normally only for directors and senior managers to be able to call for specialist HR advice. Please contact us if you have any other requirements and we will be happy to put a bespoke package together for your organisation.
Our answer phone service is available for you to leave a message at any time of the day or week. The phone lines are operated during office hours Monday to Friday. An answerphone service operates for out of hours calls.
Our charging structure is very flexible to try and account for all client requirements and budgets. The HR Helpline is charged as a one-off annual fee.
The HR Helpline can be used for any HR issue or question apart from TUPE, Redundancies and Company Restructuring.
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