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If your organisation has no dedicated Human Resources department, needs extra HR support or you simply would just like your HR concerns to be taken off your hands, the HR Manager Service by HR Smart will be ideal.


We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution to HR – the smart management methods we employ are designed to be more personable to your company and the people who work for it. Our philosophy is simple – if you look after the people who work for you, offering them a more tailored, personable management, you will likely find that their performance levels improve.



The result of that can only be success and increased profits for your Company; boosting the reputation of your business and helping it on the way to reaching its goals. It’s all about being ‘HR Smart’.


Strong businesses are built on solid ground – as the key part of your business, your employees provide those vital foundations; ensuring they are looked after and catered for in their everyday tasks is crucial. By having a strong approach to your HR, you will help to develop, reinforce and even change the culture of your organisation.


Different aspects of everyday work that an HR Manager has to deal with include; resolving employee issues, performance management, training and development, recruitment and onboarding. If all of these processes are correct and in order, it will allow you the best opportunity to create a vibrant, exciting business that is a pleasure to work for and to do business with.


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What comprises our hr manager services?

If you have any short-term requirements that need to be delivered quickly (but lack the in-house resources to support the change), our experienced consultants can offer all the assistance you need.


Some of the common areas our Human Resource experts help you with include redundancies, restructuring, employment contracts, drafting/reviewing documentation, providing admin support – even providing a full service if you do not have a dedicated HR department.


We design the service in partnership with you to ensure your HR requirements are supported within your budgetary constraints.


As your HR Manager, we can take over all the day-to-day responsibilities relating to your human resources requirements and employees, as well as helping you to deliver your business strategy with motivated and dedicated employees.


Our HR Manager Service becomes an effective and integral part of your business.

Acting as your Human Resources Manager, we will visit your site(s) at regular intervals in line with the business needs and we will fulfil the role of Human Resources Manager or Director.

For a fraction of the cost of hiring a dedicated in-house HR Manager, we can provide your business with:

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Employee risks and issues handled effectively, legally, compliantly and in line with your business needs and company ethos.

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Up to date employment law expertise, including HR Helpline and periodic newsletters.

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More time to focus on your core business requirement.

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Improved working environment, which should positively impact on the performance of the business.

How We Work

Starting with recruiting employees, we can take care of the whole process from identifying recruitment needs and designing job descriptions, through the entire process including placing adverts and conducting interviews to notifying rejected candidates and planning new staff inductions.


For ongoing staff training and performance management support, we help you manage the monitoring of employees during probation periods, undertaking probation reviews, enabling performance management, training managers to manage staff performance and performing skills audits.


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To help with long-standing employees, we can also manage remuneration and benefits by organising benefits schemes, annual pay review processes, remuneration packages, incentive schemes and HR systems.


Additionally, we can manage all employee matters such as:

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Employee relations

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Consultation and information

Don't forget Compliance, Procedures, Policies and Processes

We provide all these services through our HR Consultant site visits, HR Helpline, training courses for managers and supervisors and regular newsletter updates.


Review, amend and update contracts of employment and handbooks as well as designing and implementing policies and procedures.


Audits of HR and Employment records including Disclosure Barring Service Reference checks, Asylum and Immigration checks, employment and qualification references and driving licences.


Create HR systems which are manageable and simple to maintain and provide you and your managers with important management information.


Advise, support and train managers on all human resources and employment law matters.

Further Reading

Be HR Smart – Choose Us For Your HR Management.


By asking HR Smart to complete an HR Risk Audit, we will be able to tell you exactly where your organisation’s policies and procedures are compliant with current employment law legislation and where updates may be needed.
If your organisation is of a size that only need HR resource on an infrequent basis, HR Smart is able to devise a service and payment plan that will ensure you have HR resources whenever you need it, for a fraction of the cost of employing an HR specialist.
Yes, we are normally available by phone or email during office hours. An answerphone service is available for out of hours calls.
The first thing to do is to do nothing until you have sought specialist HR advice. We will go through any potential problems or issues and come up with a plan to solve them with you.
Every organisation has a hard time attracting and retaining employees from time to time. The key is to ensure that you have a positive culture and friendly environment and that the roles are meaningful for the employees.
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“Risk audit identifies potential employee-related risks to your business”

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