HR Manager Service

Experienced HR managers to support your Human Resources department, or to provide a full service if you do not have one.

HR Helpline

Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week; the HR Helpline is available on a contract basis.

Employment Documentation

We can create all of the essential employment documents required for your business. This includes employment contracts.

Online HR Resources

Using our sister website, we can provide online help to flowcharts and documentation.

HR IT Systems and Reporting

HR Smart is able to assist you with your Human Resources systems and information management projects by ensuring a cost conscious and timely implementation.

HR Training

Employees are the core of any business; with Human Resources training, you can develop, motivate and inspire your employees.

Human Resources Simplified

Improving your Human Resources will have a significant impact not only on your employee relationships, but also your clients and profits. After all,employees are your biggest asset as well as one of your highest costs; so it's essential that you get the most from this investment.

However, with every business having its own challenges, improving Human Resources can be a difficult challenge, especially for those unfamiliar with HR legislation and regulatory requirements. By outsourcing your HR requirements,you take away all the hard work but keep all the rewards. So if you're interested in Human Resources solutions from a team of talented and experienced human resource consultants, give HR Smart a call today on 0845 6100 651

Specific HR Services Tailored For Your Company

Specific Human Resources service
Every business is different; this is why we don’t impose ‘one size fits all. Instead we create HR solutions that suit your unique circumstances.
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Measured By Prompt Delivery Of Products And Services

Measured by prompt delivery of products and services
Urgent HR issues can arise suddenly. Similarly, if you are eager to move forward with your business, you need a HR company who will push you forward, not hold you back!
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Reassurance That You Are Meeting Your Legal Obligations

Reassurance that you are meeting your legal obligations
Employment legislation is always changing and can be difficult to understand. Not adhering to these regulations can damage a business; we make sure that all of your employment practices are legally compliant.
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Why Should You Choose HR Smart?

With various options available to choose from, why should you manage your Human Resources need through HR Smart, what makes our services more advantageous than the competition or alternate HR solutions such as hiring your own Human Resources team?

  • Specific HR Services Tailored For Your Company. We understand that every business is different; that's why we don't impose a 'one size fits all approach.Instead we create HR solutions that meet the needs of your unique circumstances and budget.
  • Measured By Prompt Delivery Of Products And Services. Urgent HR issues can arise suddenly. Similarly, if you are eager to move forward with your business, you need an HR company who will push you forward, not hold you back.
  • Reassurance That You Are Meeting Your Legal Obligations. Employment legislation is always changing and for those unfamiliar with legal texts, it can be very difficult to understand. However, failure to adhere to these regulatory requirements can be very damaging to your business. However, with our HR solutions, our team of Human Resources experts will make sure that all of your employment practices are legally compliant.

HR Onsite Support

Simply put, for a fraction of the cost of hiring a dedicated HR manager; our team can provide your business with more time to focus on your core business requirements. This service is the ideal choice for organisations with no HR department, who require additional HR support and would like face to face HR support.

As your HR Manager, our team of experts will help you to manage all the day-to-day responsibilities relating to your human resources requirements and employees, as well as helping you to deliver your business strategy with motivated and dedicated employees. This includes employee matters such as absence, maternity/paternity, disciplinary, grievances, and capability.

HR Helpline

You can contact us on an unlimited basis as often as you like by e-mail or telephone, without any concerns about restrictions. The advice we give is inline with current legislation, best practice and the needs of your business. Whether you are a small business employing just a few people or a national company employing thousands, our HR helpline can add value to your business. After all,getting high quality HR advice when you need it most is essential for peace of mind. With the HR Smart HR Helpline, our team are on hand to help you to deal with any employment issues you face on a day to day basis, without having to spend hours researching employment law.

Employment Documentation

With a focus on protecting your business legally and reducing the chances of employee disputes or employment tribunal claims, our Employment Documentation service can design bespoke documents such as contracts of employment, policies, employment forms, and your employee handbook.Additionally, if you already have these documents in place but are concerned that they are either out of date or no longer relevant to your business, we can review those for you free of charge and inform you if changes are needed.

HR IT Systems & Reporting

Files gone missing from a cabinet, stuck with a confusing list of employee data on a spreadsheet; surely there's a better way to manage your HR and employee data more effectively and efficiently?

Our team of Human Resource experts can provide and implement easy to use HR software packages designed for SMEs. This includes things such as holiday requests, sickness & absence records, performance appraisals,recruitment processes and expenses.

Online HR Resources

By visiting our sister website, you can access and download our easy to follow flowcharts, letter templates, meeting prompts and scripts, guidance notes and forms. Currently 18 Tool kits available for you to download which cover a variety of popular HR topics. After all, with over 20 years operational HR experience at a senior level, there is little our team of experts have not experienced in terms of managing HR in business organisations.

HR Training

It's essential that your managers and supervisors are able to develop,motivate, and inspire your employees. HR Smart runs bespoke human resources courses designed specifically for the needs of your business. This includes specialist courses for management development, time management, disciplinary, recruitment, and supervisory skills.

A Range Of Human Resources Services, Resources, And Training – Choose HR Smart

HR Smart are Human Resources consultants and have been providing outsourced HR solutions to all businesses, small or large since 2004. Our HR Support services are available on either a retained or an ad-hoc basis and we always do our best to work on a fixed fee basis for our outsourced HR consultancy regardless of the support and services you require.

If you're interested and would like to learn more information, or if you would like to make an enquiry, please contact our human resource consultants by calling 0845 6100 651 and arranging a no obligation first meeting.

It gives us great pleasure to announce HR Smart's sponsorship of the Lancing Business Park BID for 2019.

We are extremely pleased to be able to offer our Human Resources services to Lancing Business Park's commercial residents. As Trusted Advisors, we are sure we will be able to add value to theirs and our businesses over the course of the next twelve months.

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Great service, very easy to deal with. I had never employed anyone before so HR Smart were able to provide me with the correct contracts of employment and gave me great advise on holiday/sick pay entitlements etc. I wouldn’t hesitate in using them again, their help was invaluable.

- James Ross -

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