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HR Systems and Employee Reporting For Smart Businesses

Whether you’re a new start-up that is looking to establish itself in the local area, or you’re a long-established firm that has a national (or even, international) reach, having tailored HR IT systems in place to manage your employees is often a huge factor in your organisation being a success.

If locating records or documents has become an issue with your business, this is a sure-fire sign that your human resource systems need looking at.


The team here at HR Smart can help you with all your HR reporting to make the entire process quick and easy. This will not only allow you to find and update what you need, when you want it, but it’ll also prove to be a long-term cost-effective solution in managing the human aspect of your business too (time is money, after all).


What is an HR System?


Fundamentally, an HR system is a tool that stores, processes and reports information on all aspects of employee management. Basic functions of an HR system include the management of records; sickness and absentee information, holiday requests, recruitment procedures, shift plans, training and development – amongst many others.


Working with cloud-based software provided by BreatheHR and PeopleHR, HR Smart are able to provide clients with HR systems that are easy to use when it comes to HR administration, document storage and employee review scheduling. These systems help small-to-medium businesses to streamline their processes, freeing up more time to focus on their people.

Our Smart HR Systems

Historically, non-automated systems were used to host all this information – from files kept in a cabinet to individual word processing documents and spreadsheets stored on a hard drive. Specialist HR systems are automated – the software is an all-encompassing solution to save you having to store files in physical form or in various folders on a computer; instead of staff having to locate a specific file for a specific issue, they can find everything they need in one centralised system, that controls authorised access and security.

Unsurprisingly, all this makes the HR process far more efficient; as everything is organised and kept on the same system, tasks can be performed more quickly, sensitive data can be kept more securely and what’s more, any changes can be tracked. What you have is a system that looks after all the working and personal employee information in one secure location – a key aspect in creating efficient and effective employee data management.

Our bespoke HR Systems are able to:


  • Centralise HR records;
  • Manage sickness & absence;
  • Manage holiday records;
  • Manage performance appraisals;
  • Manage your recruitment process;
  • Task reminders;
  • Track expenses & projects;
  • Provide comprehensive reporting;
  • Potentially link to your other systems (CRM or Payroll).

Putting people first is very much the philosophy behind HR Smart. By placing the requirements of your organisation at the forefront and matching your employees’ performance, drive to improve and commitment to those requirements, your Company’s profits are more likely to improve. It all starts with your approach to Human Resources management.

Interested in A More Efficient Way of Managing Your Employees’ Data?


Having an HR system in place means that you have all employee data at your fingertips to be able to run reports, manage holidays and absence and store documents electronically.
Yes. HR Data is considered to be personal data and therefore every organisation needs to protect it as a Data Controller, in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 and UK GDPR.
Yes. Employees manage their own personal data, and you can run reports instantly on filters. Employees can also load their holiday requests, objectives and training qualifications.
The systems we use are hosted on secure cloud servers and backed up. They also have safeguards for unauthorised access and run two-factor authorisation for users.
Training is normally carried out by HR Smart if we are implementing a system for a client. Training normally takes around half a day for super users and an hour for users.
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