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The Pain Of Recruitment

Recruitment pain fro employers

Of course, a good feeling about a candidate is imperative if you are going to hire them, but they must be competent to do the role in the first place.

For most of us people managers out there, recruitment gives us all a massive headache. First there is the shock that someone actually wants to leave your team!………then reality hits home and you can’t persuade them to stay…….. Then comes the news that you’re in a candidate market and the recruitment agents are struggling to find the right people who might be available at short notice. This is followed by time intensive interviews and possibly, just maybe, you get a good or even great candidate.

The recruitment process is painful, but there is one thing that you could try to help find the right candidates first time. Try using at least two types of tests when recruiting. A numbers test and a knowledge test around some of the role’s key responsibilities. By using these methods you are much more likely to get a competent candidate……but then nothing is fail safe when recruiting new members of your team.

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