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The Christmas Party: From Night Out to Nightmare!


The Christmas Party: From Night Out to Nightmare!

If your Company is planning a Christmas Party this year and you are wondering whether it was such a great idea, take a look at our tips below to ensure that your idyllic, long-awaited Christmas break does not turn into a Christmas nightmare…..

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Have fun but behave…

Communicate to employees that their conduct at any functions must always reflect the Company’s standards and professionalism. Explain that unacceptable behaviour such as fighting, harassment or drink driving will not be tolerated whilst at the function as well as travelling there and back.

Have fun but stay safe…

As an employer it is important to think about how you will monitor any dangerous behaviour and control alcohol consumption, to reduce the risk of any accidents. Consider organising transport to and from the event and if this is not possible, make sure everyone has plans to get to and from the venue safely.

Have fun but respect those around you, everyone is different…

When planning any functions, always give consideration to the cultures, beliefs and disabilities of your employees. You should think carefully about the date and time that you hold your function as well as the type of event being held. For example, some employees may not be able to attend an evening event due to childcare arrangements. You should also ensure that there is food to suit different dietary requirements and non-alcoholic drinks available.

Have fun but make it into the work the next day…

Communicate to all employees that lateness or failure to attend work following a Christmas function, may result in disciplinary action. You may request medical evidence for any absences following a function, as well as during the period between Christmas and New Year.

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