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You have 100 employees and you have to manage Benefits

Pensions, Appraisals, Company Equipment, PPE Issue and not to mention all of your payroll. So you open up the Spreadsheet and the whole thing has corrupted on payroll submission day…..OOOppps!

Yes, we have all been there. Excel is a brilliant tool and has been great for managing data over the years. But it is not a database. It is too configurable and unauditable for today’s data requirements. Just think of GDPR for instance!


There are so many great and inexpensive systems.

There are so many great and inexpensive systems that are now available on Cloud based servers that it just isn’t worth trying to manage everything in Excel any more.

The HR systems that HR Smart provide are capable of doing everything from simple employee data storage to Appraisals and Onboarding through to Reporting. This is then coupled with a level of employee self-service through access via mobile device applications and all of a sudden your administration workload is cut in half.

Take a step back from all of your systems and Excel spreadsheets and investigate if there may be a system that is better suited to managing your Company’s information.

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hr helpline

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