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Do you require any HR advice to improve the operational aspects of your business in Worthing?

Then make sure you are HR Smart.

At HR Smart, we believe in prioritising your people, performance, and profit – the three pillars of business success.

If you take good care of your team, their performance increases, leading to increased profits and overall business success.

Navigating the complexities of Human Resources can be challenging, especially with the ever-evolving UK Employment Law.

As your dedicated HR consultants in the Worthing area, HR Smart is here to guide you through these challenges, ensuring you are up to date with HR best practices.

Get Smart HR Advice in Worthing

Adopting a ‘best practice’ HR approach can significantly shape your organisation’s culture.

From pay structure to performance management, employment documentation, HR systems, employee management training, staff recruitment, and employee onboarding, HR Smart covers all these facets.

Our goal? To transform your Worthing business into a thriving, employee-friendly environment that is equally rewarding for your clients and staff.

HR Helpline & Employee Documentation for Worthing Businesses

Our HR Helpline provides instant access to our expert HR consultants, ensuring you receive timely advice and support.

We align our services with your Company’s unique policies and processes for seamless integration.

Outdated employment documentation can hinder your business’s progress, put your business at greater risk and make you liable for additional costs.

HR Smart excels in updating, rewriting, or aligning your policies and contracts to reflect current best practices, smoothly integrating them across your Worthing organisation.

We ensure that your employee risks are covered, and that positive employee behaviour becomes ingrained within your culture.

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HR Manager, Systems & Reporting Tailored for Worthing

Whether you need an HR Manager for short-term projects or regular on-site assistance, our HR consultants are at your service.

We can handle any HR matters, including redundancies, restructuring, employment documentation adjustments, and employee management training, ensuring your business stays ahead.

Our HR Systems & Reporting systems simplify managing holidays, timesheets, and absences, moving away from cumbersome spreadsheets.

Partner with Lancing’s premier HR Consultancy, HR Smart, to enhance your organisation’s data accessibility and focus on growth.

Find out more about our HR Manager service.

Training & Advisors for Worthing's Workforce

HR Smart believes in empowering your employees through targeted human resources training.

Our bespoke courses are designed to meet your business’s specific needs, fostering a solid foundation for your internal policies and procedures.

We offer training in areas like:

  • Employee management development
  • Employee time management
  • Employee grievance handling
  • Employee recruitment
  • Managing employee absence
  • Employee supervisory skills
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Online Resources for Worthing Companies

Get access to our comprehensive online HR resources, designed for Worthing businesses.

Our Online HR Advisor offers a wealth of documents, guides, articles and templates catering to your local HR requirements.

Read more about our HR IT Systems.



Why Choose HR Smart for Your Worthing Business?

Choose HR Smart for HR support in Worthing because we offer:

  • Bespoke HR solutions – Tailored services to fit your unique business needs, employees, and budget.
  • Swift delivery of HR advice – Rapid solutions for sudden HR issues or strategic business shifts.
  • Offers complete reassurance that you are meeting your legal obligations – Stay updated and compliant with ever-changing employment legislation, protecting your business from potential legal challenges.


HR Smart is not just another HR service provider for Worthing business; we are your partners in driving business success through effective human resource management.

Contact us today to learn how we can support your SME’s growth and success.

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