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Do you require any HR advice to improve the operational aspects of your business? Then make sure you’re HR Smart.


Here at HR Smart we believe in placing your people, performance and profit first – if you look after the people that work for you, you will find that their performance is likely to improve, leading to business success and increased profits.


With every business having its own unique challenges to tackle, the management of Human Resources can be difficult to keep up to date with – especially if you’re unfamiliar with HR best practice and the latest UK Employment Law requirements.


By obtaining expert advice, you’ll be taking away the hard work, yet keeping all the rewards – allowing you to progress your business without any unnecessary stress.

Obtain Smart HR Advice

Having a best practice approach to your HR will help to develop, reinforce and even change the culture of your organisation. Pay, performance management, training and development, recruitment and on boarding are all aspects that are covered by HR – get all of these processes right, and you will have the best opportunity to create a vibrant,exciting business that is a pleasure to work for and to do business with.


HR Helpline – Giving you access to advice whenever you require it – our Human Resources Helpline gives you direct access to our expert HR Consultants. Our experts will work within your Company’s own policies and processes, offering support from the moment the call is made through to its resolution.


Employment Documentation – If your company policies and procedures are out of date, they could be doing more harm than good to your business. HR Smart takes the time to understand your Company’s needs, before creating, rewriting or aligning your policies and contracts. We can also help you to roll out your policies across the organisation.

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HR Manager, Systems & Reporting

HR Manager Service – Does your Company have a short-term requirement that must be delivered quickly? Or need a few hours a month of an experienced HR Manager onsite?


Our experienced HR Consultants can offer all the assistance you need to help you manage your employees. We can assist with common HR matters such as redundancies, restructuring, varying terms of employment contracts and management training, right through to drafting or reviewing documentation and providing admin support.

HR Systems & Reporting – If you are struggling trying to manage holidays, time sheets, sickness and absence on a spreadsheet, then HR Smart has an ideal solution for your organisation.


HR Smart can assist you with implementing your own Human Resources Systems and information management projects – HR Smart are accredited partners to 2 UK based HR Systems that are easy to use and can be implemented in a matter of days. Our Consultants’ experience in systems implementation will mean you can get access to the important HR information you need incredibly quickly, leaving you to concentrate on business growth.

Training & Advisors

Training – As employees are the core of any business, with the right human resources training you can develop, motivate and inspire them.


HR Smart can help to train and develop your staff – our bespoke Human Resources courses are specifically designed for the needs of your business, giving you the best opportunity to establish your policies and procedures in your organisation.


Some of the areas that we can train your staff in include:


  • Management development
  • Time management
  • Grievance and disciplinary
  • Recruitment
  • Managing absence
  • Supervisory skills
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Online HR Advisor – Thanks to our many decades of operational HR experience at senior level, there is very little that our experts have not experienced in terms of managing business organisations and offering HR advice. This experience has allowed us to establish Online HR Advisor, which is available to our clients whenever they need to use it.


We have all the forms, documents and templates you need to manage your HR effectively. From flowcharts to letter templates, meeting prompts and scripts, through to guidance notes and forms. We have also packaged up a number of documents, forms and templates into specially designed tool kits that give you access to affordable and bespoke HR assistance.



Why Choose Us For HR Assistance?


Why should you turn to HR Smart for help with managing your Human Resources? What makes our service more helpful than the competition or easier to manage than the hiring of your own dedicated HR team?


  • Bespoke HR solutions – As every business is different, it doesn’t make much sense for a Company to have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to the management of its people. Our HR solutions are designed to meet the needs of your business, employees, circumstances and budgets.
  • Swift delivery of HR advice – HR issues can arise suddenly or you may want to move in a different direction with your business, and need the help and advice that can get you there. The best way to treat any HR issues is with a swift, rapid solution – our HR Services can provide this.
  • Offers complete reassurance that you are meeting your legal obligations – As employment legislation is constantly changing, it can be very difficult to keep up with the legal requirements. As failure to adhere to these regulatory requirements could be damaging for your Company, our HR solutions will ensure that all of your employment practices are legally compliant.

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