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Expert HR Solutions Tailored for Hove's SMEs

Navigating the complexities of Human Resources can be challenging for SMEs in Hove.

At HR Smart, we prioritise your people, performance, and profits.

We understand that each business faces unique challenges.

Therefore, HR Smart offers specialised HR support and advice to ensure you stay up to date with best practices and UK Employment Law requirements.

Obtain Smart HR Advice in Hove

Leverage HR Smart’s expertise to develop a best practice approach to HR, encompassing:

  • Pay
  • Performance management
  • Training and development
  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding and HR systems.


With HR Smart, you can transform your business into a vibrant and exciting place that excels in both employee satisfaction and business performance.

HR Helpline & Employee Documentation for Hove Businesses

HR Helpline: Gain direct access to our expert HR Consultants in Hove, who are ready to align with your company’s policies for comprehensive support.

Employment Documentation: Update or create new company policies and procedures that reflect the current needs and ensure legal compliance in Hove.

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Comprehensive HR Manager, Systems & Reporting Services

HR Manager Service: Whether you need short-term support or ongoing HR management in Hove, our experienced consultants offer the expertise you need.

HR Systems & Reporting: Move beyond spreadsheets with our HR Systems solutions, simplifying the management of holidays, sickness, and more.

HR Training & Advisors in Hove

Invest in your team’s development with our bespoke HR training courses designed to inspire and motivate.

From management development to recruitment and managing absence, we cover all the essential HR training needs tailored to the unique requirements of your Hove business.

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Why Choose HR Smart in Hove?

• Bespoke HR Solutions: Customised HR support that aligns with your specific business needs, employees, and budget.
• Swift HR Advice: Rapid solutions for sudden HR issues or strategic business shifts, ensuring you are always prepared.
• Legal Compliance: Stay up to date with changing employment legislation, minimising risk and ensuring compliance.

Partner with HR Smart for Your HR Needs in Hove

HR Smart stands out as your go-to HR company in Hove, offering unrivalled HR support and advice tailored to the unique needs of SMEs.

Our commitment to swift delivery, bespoke solutions, and legal compliance ensures your business not only meets its regulatory obligations but thrives because of its HR processes.

Contact us today to elevate your HR practices and drive your business towards greater success.


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