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In Brighton’s vibrant business landscape, ensuring the smooth operation of your SME can be a complex challenge, particularly when it comes to managing your most valuable asset—your people.

That’s where HR Smart steps in.

Specialising in delivering tailored HR advice and support, we focus on the pivotal elements of people, performance, and profit.

We understand that by nurturing your workforce, their performance is likely to improve, thereby driving your business towards greater success and profitability.

Every business faces unique challenges, and keeping abreast of HR best practices and the ever-evolving UK Employment Law is no small feat, especially for SMEs in Brighton.

Seeking expert HR advice in Brighton not only alleviates the burden but ensures your business thrives without the added stress.

Achieve Excellence with Smart HR Solutions

Adopting a best-practice HR approach will transform your organization’s culture.

From pay, performance management, training, and development to recruitment and onboarding, HR encompasses all aspects vital to fostering a dynamic, engaging business environment.

Get these processes right, and you’ll create a Brighton business that’s not only a joy to work for but also to engage with.


HR Helpline – Immediate access to professional HR advice is crucial. Our HR Helpline connects Brighton SMEs with our seasoned HR Consultants, offering guidance aligned with your company’s policies and processes from the first call to resolution.

Employment Documentation –Outdated company policies and procedures can be detrimental and a risk to keeping your Brighton business safe. HR Smart meticulously understands your needs to update, create, or align your policies and contracts, ensuring seamless implementation across your organisation.

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HR Manager, Systems & Reporting

HR Manager Service – Whether facing a short-term project or needing monthly HR management support, our consultants provide invaluable assistance across a spectrum of HR matters, from redundancies and restructuring to contract adjustments and management training.

HR Systems & Reporting –  Ditch the spreadsheets to manage holidays, timesheets, and absences. HR Smart offers swift implementation of user-friendly HR Systems such as BreatheHR and PeopleHR, allowing you to access essential HR information swiftly and focus on growing your business in Brighton.

Training & Advisors

Training – Investing in your employees’ development is investing in your business’s future. HR Smart designs bespoke HR training courses in Brighton, tailored to the unique needs of your Brighton SME, covering everything from management development to recruitment and absence management.

Online HR Resources – Our extensive operational HR experience at a senior level powers our Online HR resources, providing immediate access to a wealth of HR resources, including documents, templates, and guides designed to streamline your HR management process.


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Why Choose HR Smart for Your Brighton SME?

Opting for HR Smart means choosing a partner committed to delivering customised HR solutions that align with your Brighton-based business’s unique needs, challenges, and goals.

Our swift, comprehensive HR advice and support offer the reassurance of legal compliance and the promise of a more engaged, productive workforce.

Elevate your Brighton-based SME with HR Smart – where your people, performance, and profit are at the heart of what we do.

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