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Creating a Contract of Employment

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The Brief

Our Client was a new start-up producing Social Media content for its various customers. The Client is based in the UK but their customers reside worldwide. The Client had interviewed, and offered a role to, a candidate and had been referred to us by a mutual friend. They decided to contact HR Smart to provide their Contract of Employment. At this point, they had not yet engaged their first employee.


The Client had no Contract template, policies or procedures in place, but they knew they needed to issue a Contract of Employment from day one of employment.


They said “We engaged in HR Smart’s services because as a start-up we were taking the next step towards growing our company and therefore, we wanted to take the correct approach towards taking on employees. For this process we needed employee contracts, along with some general advice towards navigating this phase. We were suggested HR Smart through a friend of ours who spoke very highly of the Company.”

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The Solution

HR Smart sent out a questionnaire for the Client to complete. This essentially gave us the required levels of information in order to be able to complete an initial draft of the Contract for the Client to review. The questionnaire stage is important as it not only ensures the legally compliant clauses that you must have in a Contract of Employment are included, but also clauses to cover the Client’s specific employment risks.


Once we had received the completed questionnaire back, we set about creating the Contract content specific to the questionnaire. This included bespoke elements such as place of work, homeworking, and providing the Company’s policy around employees supplying their own equipment.


HR Documentation Ready For Use……

We sent over a first draft of the Contract of Employment for the Client to review. We discussed the various risks and areas that they wanted to make sure were made clear in the Contract of Employment and then sent over a revised final version. We also produced a part-time version of the Contract of Employment for them to use.


Our Client’s response to our delivery: “As a first time employer, navigating this process can seem complicated so we used HR Smart to ensure we fulfilled all of our legal obligations for the employee, as well as creating a document that protected us as an organisation.”

The Result

Our Client was happy with the finished document. They now have a legally compliant and tailored document that not only protects the Company legally, but that clearly protects their specific employment risks such as unwanted behaviour, security and monetary losses.


The Client has since used us for various queries and questions and we look forward to providing our services to them in the future as they continue to grow.


If you want to know more about our Employment Documentation service, please follow the link below:

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The documentation service ran very well and offered a lot of help to us as a first time employer. Everything in the hiring process has gone smoothly. The communication was very professional, and I felt very comfortable in raising any queries I had throughout the process. It has made the process of gaining new employees much smoother than it otherwise would have been.


Business Owner

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HR Smart have been incredibly supportive with our growing business and with staffing issues in particular. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Thank you.

Dan Leonardn

Head of Partnerships & Sales, Channel Engine


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HR advice Employee Documentation
The Company had no Contract of Employment template, policies or procedures in place, but the

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