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Construction Contractor – GDPR and Data Protection


The Brief

HR Smart were contacted by a regional building and road contractor that employs around 70 employees across Sussex and the South East. The Company had done some work on GDPR compliance but needed to fast-track the work due to the impending ICO deadline and incoming legislation at the time.


The problems were that:

  • the Company Secretary had been updating policies and procedures across the company, however, when she reviewed the GDPR requirements she realised that more work was required to ensure that the company was protecting personal information as much as possible.
  • all data within the business needed to be secure and the company fully compliant with the new GDPR rules.






Type of Business:


The Solution

Jon Rush from HR Smart was asked to handle a number of tasks for the client. Firstly, to conduct an audit on all data held within the Company, which highlighted areas that needed strengthening.


Jon’s approach was then to:

  • help the client put in place the policies and procedures required under GDPR – they were drafted by HR Smart and then tailored to the exact client requirements.
  • conduct training for everyone in the business over 2 days, following the completion and issue of the policies and procedures to the employees.
  • return after six months to complete a full data impact audit that covered building sites, offices and vehicles to see if there were any areas that still required a review.
  • produce a follow-up report with recommendations and a summary of where the client was at in relation to its duties under GDPR.

The Result

Our client is now confident that they are protecting personal data and following GDPR legislation rules as much as they can in a very difficult environment.


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I found understanding the new GDPR legislation time-consuming and I needed someone who understood our business and the information we may store, as well as general support on the process that should be followed. We were lucky that Jon had the right knowledge for our business and was able to steer us in the right direction. Jon broke the process down into sizeable chunks of work, which made it less daunting and also carried out training sessions to all those who stored information. We completed the audit of the business within the specified time frame and still have support from HR Smart as and when required.

Sue W

Company Secretary

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Closing speechmark

HR Smart have been incredibly supportive with our growing business and with staffing issues in particular. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Thank you.

Dan Leonardn

Head of Partnerships & Sales, Channel Engine


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