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Changing The Appraisal Approach

Appraisal Meeting

The Brief

The Company had an appraisal process that it had used religiously for all employees for a number of years. The HR Director wanted to see if there was a way to improve the appraisal process to be more engaging for both managers and employees. The Directors felt that if the managers could effectively engage the employees and make them more accountable for their own behaviours, careers and training, then both the employees and Company would gain out of amending the process.

Appraisal Meeting




West Sussex

Type of Business:

Medium Sized - Manufacturing Facility

The Solution

HR Smart completed a number of tasks for the client. Firstly, we looked at the Appraisal Form and how the process worked currently. Once this was mapped out, we held meetings with the directors, managers and employees to gain a better understanding of how they felt the current process did or did not work. We then started to think about how the Company’s Core Behavioural Values could be managed by the new appraisal process as this was an important factor for the Directors.

HR Smart put together a form that was focussed on specific job targets, training and development requirements and core behavioural characteristics that the Company wanted their employees to exhibit more of. We then put together guides for both the managers and employees to use to allow them to learn how they should run the process and how to get the most out of the Appraisal Meeting. The new Appraisal Process was introduced to a selection of managers to trial and give their feedback. The Appraisal Project was finalised after a couple of tweaks due to the feedback. The process took around 6 weeks to complete from start to finish.

The Result

Our Client was very happy with the outcome and felt that the new Appraisal Process would help their employees and managers to develop not only their careers within the Company, but also to encourage employees to interact with their managers, colleagues and Directors in a positive and creative way. To date, they have received very positive feedback from the managers that have used it to date, so let’s hope that continues throughout the workforce.


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