HR Services for Businesses of All Sizes

Regardless of the size or standing of your business – whether you're a new start-up that is looking to establish itself locally or a long-established firm with a national reach – having clearly defined policies, processes and management in place for employees is a critical factor in your Company's ongoing success.

If you're looking for Human Resources services that can enable the easy and prompt management of your employees, our dedicated team at HR Smart can help. No matter the business sector you operate in or the type of business you run, we have the experience to offer you expert support and advice. Whether you are in a period of growth or needing to consolidate; whether your employees work from a physical or remote location (or a combination of the two), our knowledge can help to put your employee management processes on a strong footing, creating a stable base from which to achieve success.

HR Manager Service

Difficult employee issues to resolve? Our consultants are experienced in providing support and guidance.

HR Helpline

Got an urgent HR question? Access our experience and knowledge whenever you need it with our Helpline.

Employment Documentation

Need contracts and policies that protect your business? We design them with you so they will do just that.

Online HR Resources

Not sure about a specific HR process? Access our FREE FLOWCHARTS to help you find your way.

HR IT Systems and Reporting

Want to reduce time spent on employee admin or secure HR data? We have class-leading HR systems that do this.

HR Training

Are your managers struggling with HR issues? Invest in our HR Training and gain our expertise.

Policy Employment Documentation

How Can HR Smart Help?

Fundamentally, having a strong approach to HR will help to develop, reinforce and even improve the culture of your organisation. Human Resource Planning, Employee Documentation, Recruitment, Onboarding, Pay, Performance Management, Training and Development are all aspects that are covered by HR Smart's services. If you get all of these processes right, you will have the best opportunity to create a vibrant, exciting business that is a pleasure to work for and to do business with.

How can HR Smart's services help:

  • Communicating what, when and why – For business start-ups, having contracts of employment and a few key policies and procedures in place from the outset will ensure that new employees can get to work right away, helping to establish the firm and a great culture.
  • Dealing with growth – As the business employs more staff, obtaining an HR Helpline will help to ensure that you keep up with your legal responsibilities by being able to ask questions whenever you need to.
  • Instilling Knowledge – With growth comes the need to assign managers for different aspects of the business. The issue may be that your staff have limited experience in managing teams. HR Smart's bespoke training courses offer management training support to allow your management team the opportunity to understand their responsibilities and how they relate to Employment Law.
  • Getting to the next level – It could be the case that the business grows to a level that even your fully-trained managers can't keep up with employee and HR issues. HR Smart's HR Manager service can resolve this issue by providing a bespoke onsite support service. We design a tailored package for your specific Company requirements and budget.
  • Recruiting your HR Manager – Companies that grow to have around 100 employees or more should absolutely consider employing a dedicated HR Manager. HR Smart's “Lifecycle" ethos means that we are here to help you recruit the right person for your organisation and compliment your medium and long-term plans by providing ongoing HR project support.

What HR Services Do You Offer?

Our HR services have been developed to service the “Lifecycle" of your Company – regardless of the employee challenges you need assistance with, you can feel rest assured that HR Smart can provide whatever support you need to develop your company and achieve the vision you had at the start of your journey.

Our HR services consist of:

Policy Employment Documentation

Policy/Employment Documentation

Are your company policies out of date? Then they could be harming your business more than they're doing it good. We take the time to firstly understand what risks you are trying to protect against, before creating or amending your policies, procedures and contracts. Utilising our combined experience in employment law, project and general management, we can also deliver extra value and help you roll out your policies across your business.

Policy Employment Documentation

HR Helpline

Would you like access to expert HR advice and knowledge whenever you need it? We can work within your Company's policies and processes, providing Human Resources support from the moment you call through to a providing a resolution.

HR Systems & Reporting

Can you find the information you need on employees when you need it? Do you know how much absence there has been in any one year? Do you consider managing employee holidays easy? If the answer to these questions is “no", then this is a clear indicator that your HR systems may need to be reviewed. We can assist you with implementing, setting up and running one of our “class-leading" HR Systems to allow you to get all the information you need at the touch of a button.

HR Training

Your management team are key to getting the most out of your employees and upholding the Company's culture, policies and procedures. If your management team are not expert people managers, then this can hold your Company back from achieving your vision and ultimately, success. We can help to train and develop your management team – our bespoke Human Resources courses are specifically designed for the needs of your delegates; giving you the opportunity to transfer our extensive knowledge and experience to your team.

Some of the areas that we can train your staff in, include:

  • Management development
  • Time management
  • Managing grievances and disciplinaries
  • Successful recruitment
  • Managing absence
  • Supervisory skills

HR Management Support

If you do not have a dedicated HR department or HR resources, we can provide our HR Manager service, tailored to your Company's specific requirements and budget. Typical HR matters that we manage include; HR audits, employment documentation reviews, recruitment, redundancies, restructuring, varying terms of employment contracts, right through to providing general HR admin support.

Policy Employment Documentation

Online HR Resources

Through our long and varied experience of HR management at senior level, there is very little that our experts have not experienced in managing organisations and offering HR advice. As more businesses than ever before are working remotely, we have used our expertise to create an online HR resources portal that you can access whenever you need it.

Hosted on our sister site (, our online HR services include all the forms, documents and templates you need to manage your HR effectively. From flowcharts to letter templates, meeting prompts and scripts, through to guidance notes and forms. We have also packaged up our documents, forms and templates into specially designed toolkits that give you access to affordable and easy-to-use HR assistance.

Interested in learning more? Be HR Smart and get in touch with us today.

Be HR Smart – Choose Us For Your Integrated HR Services

At HR Smart, our consulting team believe in placing your people, performance and profit first – it may be a well-used adage, but if you look after the people who work for you, you'll likely find that performance improves, bringing with it business success and profits.

Our highly-qualified HR experts have a profound understanding of how to provide first-class HR services –We are in a great position to help your Company manage your employees.

To learn more about our HR services, give us a call 01903 754 107 or send an e-mail to to find out how we can help your Company.

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