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How Do I Know If My Company Needs an HR System?


10 Things You Have When You Have An Efficient HR System:

  • a fully efficient “paperless” office
  • employee management is so slick and efficient, you don’t need an HR System
  • existing employee systems are secure and fully GDPR compliant
  • spreadsheets are never used to store employee data
  • managing holidays, sickness and absence is easy
  • employee training records are managed with automated reminders
  • employees already record expenses claims electronically
  • appraisal system allows employees to see their objectives in real-time
  • employee file access and reports available in real-time on and off site
  • recruitment system that can post adverts and track vacancies

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HR Smart has partnered with two market leading HR software companies that can help resolve all of the above. Contact our HR systems implementation expert, Jon Rush at or call tel: 01903 754107 to see how your Organisation can benefit from an HR system.

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