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Hints & Tips On Opening a Business After Lockdown

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During these times, we can be excused for thinking that everything we know and understand is up in the air and turned back to front. Whilst there is certainly an element of truth to this point of view, we are still nearer to normal trading than we think.


Whilst some businesses are still fully in lock down, we have been contacted by a number of businesses recently asking for advice when work does start to increase again. Some helpful tips are listed below:



Hints & Tips in Recovering From a Business Lockdown


1) Review your employee database, especially for employment status, length of furlough extension required;


2) Communicate the Company’s position via a letter to all furloughed staff;


3) Make sure you understand which employees are able to do which tasks for your business and factor that into your furlough planning;


4) Make sure that short and medium-term cash requirements have been checked and re-checked. If you need additional cash, consider the Government loan schemes;


5) Contact clients that you think may be starting to think about placing orders to try and get an advance view of your potential order book;


6) Think about operating shift patterns, operating 24/7, homeworking, flexible working or part-time operating hours depending on expected demand;


7) Consider if you need to make employees redundant. This can be planned and executed during the furlough period;


8) Check the supplies you may need to open up the business such as face masks, hand towels, refreshments, hand sanitiser and soap;


9) Check the social distancing arrangements in the working area and see if the layout can be redesigned to increase working space;


10) Check that whatever operating practice you are intending to put in place, you have clear policies and procedures, and that all employees returning to work have read them;


11) Don’t keep furloughed anyone who could be doing some work. Utilise the Short Time working clause if you have one in your Contract of Employment AND;


12) Make sure that you keep records of the furlough decisions taken, and why, in case you receive an HMRC audit. Remember to keep these records for five years.



If You Have Any Issues Or Concerns, We Can Help

Learn more in our blog: Coronavirus FAQs For Business Owners & Directors.

If you need any additional help or advice, please contact us on or call tel: 01903 754107


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