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Employee Engagement – Part 3


Your employee engagement scores are back in…and you are horrified!

You have a circa 35% engaged workforce. Please do not panic. This is not unexpected. If we go back to the beginning, when did you last sit down with an employee and have a meaningful, honest conversation? Did you spot the employee who is taking frequent breaks to the toilet and looking upset? or the hostility of one colleague to another? The art of employee engagement is not to pander to every employee’s whim or sort out all of their problems, but to make work fun and listen when an employee needs support.

We are at work for around 57% of a five-day working week.

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It is sometimes significantly more than this as a lot of people are not working an 8 hour day. Imagine if you were unhappy at home and then came to work and were unhappy……that would mean you were unhappy for 100% of a five day working week!…..and probably then some of the weekend too! Employee engagement can make all the difference. Think about the job tasks, how could you make them more appealing. A Quiz at lunchtime, rounders in the car park, a team outing, bacon butty day……it all adds up to a more fun place to be and maybe, just maybe your organisation will prosper because your employees feel that bit happier.

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