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Why Pay Attention To Data in HR?

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Why Should You Pay Attention To Data?

Most companies have an IT system in place of some sort. Maybe it is a large and complex Enterprise system operating Payroll, HR, Operations and Finance or maybe it is just a spreadsheet with a small database of employees.

Jon Rush, HR Smart’s Technology and Information expert, thinks that companies do not always think about why they are collecting data and how imperative it is to collect it accurately and for the right reasons

“If you think about companies as a whole and the data they hold, there is a phenomenal amount of information that organisations can use to further their marketing campaigns, improve operational efficiency or understand facts about the business that have never been quantified before.

It requires the Directors or owners of the organisation to sit down and actually map out what they want to get out of their systems before they should think about reporting or changing anything from a system point of view. Once you know what you want out of a system, understanding the inputs required is a lot easier.”

If your organisation is looking at system implementations or simply want someone to help maximise the benefits from your data and information, give Jon a call on 01903 754107 or

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