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Build Or Buy Talent – Part 3

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Build Or Buy Talent – Part 3

So….you have your workforce in place, but the Company is ever evolving and growing.

This means that your employees must also do the same. If they do not evolve with the Company they start to hold back the organisation’s ability to remain agile and competitive.

You now either need to invest in growing your employees and their skills or you have to find new talent from the job market. Sometimes you need skills that just cannot or will never exist within your current employee knowledge and ability, but in a lot of cases you already have the talent within your workforce who you could train.

There are many ways to assess your current workforce and their potential, but using the “9 box grid” is a good way to look at each individual in your team and see where they fit. See model below:

Build Or Buy Talent-Part-3

So the next time you have a vacancy and run straight for the recruitment agent’s number…

Just spend a few moments having a look at your current employees and maybe you already have the perfect candidate.

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