Let’s stop for a minute to think about what it means to Build or Buy Talent for your Organisation.

To build talentmeans that you need to look at attracting candidates to your Website and SocialMedia pages or by attracting them through open days. This can seem like amassive administration task in the first instance. However, this can bedelegated to existing team members and there will almost certainly be someonein your organisation good at putting together a compelling story as to why thisCompany is just the best to work for. You also get the chance to start a talentpool of candidates for your future requirements.

Let’s Compare.

Let’s comparebuilding talent to buying talent using a recruitment agent. You engage one, twoor three agents, brief them on your Company, sit back, let the agent advertisethe role, screen the best candidates, do the initial meet and greet and thenyou get five or six of the very best in the market and you engage the very bestcandidate for a reasonable fee…….yes, I agree, it never works like this inpractice and there is no guarantee you have the best candidate or even a goodcandidate.

So when you arethinking about attracting new candidates to a vacant job role, think about morethan just picking up the phone to the first recruitment agent you come across.You can sell your Company to a potential candidate better than anyone.

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