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September 23rd, 2017
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Human Resources Helpline

Asking questions and seeking reassurance is only human nature; so whether you are an experienced HR professional, people manager of a team, member of the management team or the business owner, you really could benefit from subscribing to our HR Helpline service.

The helpline operates daily and contact can be made by telephone, email or fax.

Our HR helpline facility is available to all companies and whether you are a small business employing just a few people or a national company employing thousands, our Human Resources helpline can add value to your business.

Once you have subscribed to our HR Helpline, you can contact us on an unlimited basis as often as you like, without any restrictions or concerns.

Each client is different and so is your Company, so if you have a question or concern regarding employees, you need to be able to ask an HR Consultancy who you can trust to give you quality HR and employment law advice. The advice we give is in line with current legislation, best practice and the needs of your business. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your Company and resources.

HR Smart receives all sorts of questions from its clients on a daily basis. Your employment questions could be technical issues or seeking employment law and legislation guidance, such as “what is the current national minimum wage?” or “what laws do I need to be aware of relating to maternity issues?”

You may also have more practical questions such as “I have an employee who has failed to turn up for work this week, what should I do?” or questions of clarification like “I need to undertake a disciplinary; I have completed the investigation, am I okay to proceed to a hearing?”

Getting quality HR advice as and when you need it, via the HR Smart Helpline, will give you the peace of mind you need to deal with the employment issues you face on a day to day basis without having to spend hours researching employment law.

So why subscribe to our HR Helpline?

  • Unlimited HR support and guidance for a fixed fee
  • No cap on the amount of questions or time spent with us
  • Fee is fixed for one year and not on the number of employees
  • No expensive hourly rate to worry about
  • Our advice is legally compliant, best practice and practical
  • Advice is given in a way that’s easy to understand, with follow-up calls if required
  • Contract is for 12 months, so no long term commitment, unless you want one!
  • Free review of your contract of employment on subscribing to our helpline facility
  • Regular newsletter updates

Asking questions as soon as issues arise will assist with the smooth running of your business. We provide practical human resources advice in answer to your questions as well as offering step by step solutions to your everyday employee problems.

So now the only question you have to ask yourself is – What’s stopping me from subscribing?


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