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August 23rd, 2017
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HR Manager Service

If your organisation has no Human Resources department or requires additional people support, then this is the service for your business. We personally design the service in partnership with you to ensure your HR requirements are supported within your budgetary constraints.

The HR Manager Service can include the following:

  • HR Consultant site visits
  • 24/7 off site support
  • Coaching for managers and supervisors
  • Regular update and planning meetings

This human resources service is a cost efficient way to ensure that your company meets its people needs and legislative requirements.

What is our HR Manager Service?

For many business owners, the benefit human resources can bring to their business may seem to be limited or too intangible to measure.

Our HR Manager Service is designed for companies who are growing in size or whom already have a reasonable sized workforce. As a Business Owner/Manager or a Director, you may recognise that you are spending time away from strategic planning and development of your business and spending your precious time addressing matters raised by your employees or researching the rights and wrongs of employment law in this ever increasing world of legislation and litigation.

Once your Company employs more than 15 people, our HR Manager Service becomes an effective and integral part of your business. Acting as your Human Resources Manager, we will visit your site(s) at regular intervals, in line with the business needs and we will fulfil the role of Human Resources Manager or Director for your business.

At HR Smart, we believe that all companies deserve and need good HR Support and Advice, and that this advice should not be limited to large organisations or companies.

Benefits of HR Manager Service

Our HR Manager Service is competitively priced on a "fixed fee" basis and invoiced monthly.  A full time qualified HR Manager will cost in the region of 45,000 per annum in salary alone. By contracting HR Smart Ltd to cover your HR function, you will have access to a dedicated and qualified HR Manager with a range of experience at strategic and operational levels that fits with your Company's needs and budget at a fraction of this cost.

As a result of engaging HR Smart to be your HR Manager, you can expect:

  • More time to focus on your core business requirements;
  • Up to date employment law expertise available to you, including HR Helpline and periodic newsletters;
  • Employee issues handled effectively, legally compliantly and in line with your business' needs and company ethos;
  • Improved working environment, which should positively impact on the performance of the business;
  • More satisfied employees

What does this entail?
As your HR Manager, we will take over all the day to day responsibilities relating to your human resources requirements and employees, as well as helping you to deliver your business strategy with motivated and dedicated employees.

Our services will be tailored to your business needs and, as your HR Manager, we can undertake some or all of the following:

Recruitment and Induction

  • Identifying your recruitment needs;
  • Designing job descriptions and person specifications;
  • Advising on the salary and package for a role;
  • Undertaking all the recruitment administration such as placing advertisements and briefing recruitment agencies;
  • Sifting applications through to short list;
  • Organising and undertaking interviews and testing;
  • Prepare offers of employment and undertake package negotiations;
  • Administration and notification of rejected candidates;
  • Drafting offers letters and contracts of employment;
  • Planning and undertaking the induction process;
  • Payroll notification.

Probation and Performance Management

  • Devising, implementing and managing the induction processes;
  • Managing and monitoring new employees during probation;
  • Undertaking probationary reviews with employees and managers;
  • Devising systems for monitoring employee performance;
  • Creation and implementation of appraisal schemes or performance management systems;
  • Training managers in skills to manage employee performance;
  • Create training and succession plans;
  • Undertake skills audits against business needs

Remuneration and Benefits

  • Administration of benefits schemes and annual pay review process;
  • Provide expertise on market rates;
  • Design remuneration packages that attract and retain employees;
  • Design incentive schemes;
  • Design and implement HR systems and software

Employee Matters and Welfare

Manage all employee matters such as;

  • Absence
  • Maternity
  • Paternity
  • Disciplinary
  • Grievances
  • Capability
  • Employee relations
  • Consultation and information

Compliance, procedures, policies and process

  • Review, amend and update contracts of employment and handbooks as well as designing and implementing policies and procedures;
  • Audits of HR and Employment legislation such as Criminal Reference Bureau checks, Asylum and Immigration checks, employment and qualification references and driving licences;
  • Create HR systems which are manageable and simple to maintain and provide important management information
  • Advise, support and train managers on all human resources and employment law matters.

Like to know more?
If you would like to know if our HR Manager Service can meet your needs or aid your business, then give us a call on 0845 6100 651, to arrange a no obligation first meeting.

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