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August 23rd, 2017
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Welcome to HR Smart. Specific Human Resources service, tailored for your company.
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The Facts Auto Enrolment

Entered by: Kimberly @ 15:06:56 on 01/12/14

 Auto Enrolment will see employees automatically being enrolled into a pension scheme, subject to meeting the following criteria: ·         Those not already in the employer’s pension scheme ·         Anyone over the age of 22 years and less than State Pension ...


Let it snow... Employee Communications

Entered by: Kimberly @ 12:45:37 on 11/01/13

  With rumours of snow being forecast to fall over the weekend and the early part of next week, here are the key points we recommend communicating to your employees this afternoon:   Outline the calling in process to all employees, in the event that they are unable to travel to work   Request that employees review the situation on an ongoing h...


Christmas Top Tip Let It Snow

Entered by: Kimberly @ 12:29:35 on 10/12/12

   CHRISTMAS TOP TIPS  Number Four: Let It Snow        Communicate the calling in process to all employees, in the event that they are unable to travel to work.    Consider if any employees are able to work from home or another temporary location. If so, meet and agree work that can be undertaken from home, in advanc...


Christmas Top Tip Secret Santa

Entered by: Kimberly @ 10:50:57 on 03/12/12

  CHRISTMAS TOP TIPS  Number Three: SECRET SANTA SAFETY   Whilst most employees take Secret Santa in the good humour and the spirit it is intended, research shows one in ten employees report they feel that the gift they received was highly inappropriate.   Here are our recommendations:   Give guidelines for employees to follow ...


Christmas Top Tip Christmas Parties

Entered by: Kimberly @ 11:11:01 on 26/11/12

  CHRISTMAS TOP TIPS  Number Two: HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS PARTY Conduct  Communicate to employees that their conduct at any functions must always reflect the Company’s standards and professionalism. Explain that unacceptable behaviour such as fighting, harassment or drink driving will not be tolerated whilst at the function as well as travelli...


Christmas Top Tip Allocating Annual Leave

Entered by: Kimberly @ 10:53:25 on 20/11/12

  CHRISTMAS TOP TIPS  Number One: ALLOCATING ANNUAL LEAVE With Christmas just around the corner, holiday requests will now be flooding in. It is time for you to consider how to balance these requests with the needs of the business. Here are the important things to keep in mind: Decide how you will accommodate conflicting requests and who will get...


Social Networking in the Workplace

Entered by: Kimberly @ 14:48:34 on 09/07/12

 SOCIAL NETWORKING IN THE WORKPLACE  A recent survey shows that 48% of people aged between 16 and 24 years would reject a job if the Company prohibited social networking tools and social media. Social networking is a great opportunity for businesses to easily expand their client base. It is an excellent source for low cost marketing, allowing to Companies ...


Managing Absence During a Summer of Sport

Entered by: Kimberly Young @ 14:59:48 on 11/06/12

Here are our top tips for tackling Euro 2012 & getting set for the Olympics:   - Clearly enforce the levels of performance and attendance you expect.   - Reinforce to employees that a hangover or lack of sleep is not a legitimate illness and patterns of absence will be continually monitored.   - Confirm that any suspicious absences will ...


Will your employees be celebrating the Jubilee?

Entered by: Kimberly @ 15:44:12 on 08/05/12

This weekend we've all enjoyed the first of the Bank Holidays over the next few weeks, but will your employees be celebrating the Jubilee holiday?    If their contract states they are entitled to 20 days annual leave plus all public bank holidays then they will be entitled to an extra day’s paid holiday. If their contract states they are en...


Are you looking for the next junior apprentice?

Entered by: Heidi Rush @ 16:07:21 on 11/06/10

Lord Sugar has recently just finished the first series of Junior Apprentice, in which he gave ten sixteen and seventeen year olds the opportunity to demonstrate their business skills and win the chance of a £25,000 fund to support their future.   If this has inspired you to take on a young employee, here is the legal position with regards to employment an...


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