Welcome to HR Smart. Specific Human Resources service, tailored for your company.
August 23rd, 2017
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Welcome to HR Smart. Specific Human Resources service, tailored for your company.
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Redundancy News

Redundancies still on the cards for UK business

Entered by: Heidi Rush @ 08:41:55 on 10/08/09

Whilst recent weeks have seen signs of the UK Economy improving, banks making profits, house prices increasing and the equities market on the increase, a recent survey by the British Chamber of Commerce paints a darker picture for Employers. The results of its survey found that of 450 companies who took part, 51% are considering or certain of making job cuts and redu...


Redundancy Pay Increase

Entered by: Heidi Rush @ 11:09:18 on 05/05/09

"To help provide adequate support for individuals who have been made redundant the Government announces a one-off increase in the level of statutory redundancy pay, making the weekly rate £380. The Government is also considering whether to introduce a new ‘floor’ which would set a minimum level for statutory redundancy payment rates, and would l...


Redundancies in the Recession

Entered by: Jon Rush @ 13:35:42 on 30/04/09

In these times of recession, redundancy seems to be one of the most widely used words by all tiers of management at the moment. Having been through a number of redundancy programmes as a manager, I can say that this is a very challenging time for SME businesses. There are a few things to remember when considering a redundancy programme to make the process as smooth an...


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