Welcome to HR Smart. Specific Human Resources service, tailored for your company.
August 23rd, 2017
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Welcome to HR Smart. Specific Human Resources service, tailored for your company.
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Latest HR Smart Blog Entries

The Facts Auto Enrolment

Entered by: Kimberly @ 15:06:56 on 01/12/14

 Auto Enrolment will see employees automatically being enrolled into a pension scheme, subject to meeting the following criteria: ·         Those not already in the employer’s pension scheme ·         Anyone over the age of 22 years and less than State Pension ...


THE DEBATE Employment Tribunal Fees

Entered by: Kimberly @ 15:07:12 on 07/08/13

  Employment Tribunal Fees: The Debate   From 29th July 2013, a new fee structure was introduced for employment tribunal claims and Employment Appeal Tribunals.   On submitting a claim, claimants will be required to pay an ‘issue fee’. If after review, it is decided the claim should proceed to a full hearing, the claimant will be l...


Unfair Dismissal Compensation The New Cap

Entered by: Kimberly @ 14:53:54 on 07/08/13

NEW CAP ON UNFAIR DISMISSAL COMPENSATION From 29th July 2013, there is a new cap on the compensation awards given for unfair dismissal claims.    Basic unfair dismissal awards are calculated using a formula that incorporates the claimant’s age, capped weekly pay and length of service. Previously, this would have been coupled with a compensatory aw...


April 2013 Increase to Statutory Payments

Entered by: Kimberly @ 12:57:22 on 17/04/13

  2013-2014 Statutory Payments Statutory Maternity Payment (SMP) - £136.78 Oridnary Paternity Payment (OSPP) - £136.78 Additional Paternity Payment (ASPP) - £136.78 Statutory Adoption Payment (SAP) - £136.78 Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) - £86.70


Let it snow... Employee Communications

Entered by: Kimberly @ 12:45:37 on 11/01/13

  With rumours of snow being forecast to fall over the weekend and the early part of next week, here are the key points we recommend communicating to your employees this afternoon:   Outline the calling in process to all employees, in the event that they are unable to travel to work   Request that employees review the situation on an ongoing h...

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