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August 23rd, 2017
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Welcome to HR Smart. Specific Human Resources service, tailored for your company.
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Appraising The Appraisal

Entered by: Jon Rush @ 08:14:41 on 12/11/09


The appraisal process is often seen by managers and employees as either a necessary evil or a good way to criticise the Company. This is all very well, but obviously not a very constructive approach and one that will mean the Company will almost certainly suffer as a result.
The best way approach the appraisal is to take the following steps:-
  1. Make sure the scheme is well thought out and set up. This means setting out the objectives the Company wants to realise from the process and then set out some pre-designed appraisal forms accordingly
2        Train the managers on how they should be conducting the appraisal process in
terms of approach and getting the most out of the process
3        Send out the forms at least a week in advance of the appraisal dates to the
employees so that they can think about how they have performed in the last period, where they need to improve and some future targets
4        Hold the appraisal making sure that enough time is set aside for both the Manager
and the employee to have their say without feeling time pressured.
5        Provide the feedback as necessary to the employee
The above approach should mean that the appraisals will be conducted in an open and constructive way, without any party feeling under pressure or concerned about the process itself. This will make the discussions much more open and positive and the Company will move towards its strategic goals.
HR Smart can help your Company realise this potential by designing a bespoke Human Resources appraisal package, which would include meeting with the Company Directors, creating appraisal forms, writing an appraisal policy and implementing the Manager Training.
For more information please contact or Human Resources Consultant Heidi Rush on 0845 6100 651. Or contact us via e-mail sales@hrsmartuk.com
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