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August 23rd, 2017
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Welcome to HR Smart. Specific Human Resources service, tailored for your company.
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The trouble with growing a business is...

Entered by: Jon Rush @ 14:25:01 on 07/09/09

When a company decides to grow it has to move into the realms of employing people.  When this time comes, there are many aspects to think about such as law, taxation, benefits, pay, bonuses, Health & Safety and Welfare. However, for a small Company it does not have to be as hard as it first seems. There are a number of HR services that HR Smart can provide to its clients to help the process of employing people.

HR Smart Helpline

The entry level product for many small to medium sized Companies is our fixed fee HR helpline. This is available via telephone, fax or e-mail and provides a lot of the necessary support that a business employing people for the first time will need. This is a one off fee for a year where you have unlimited access to our HR Consultants.

Employment Documentation

In addition to the HR Helpline, HR Smart also offers a free Employment Contract review so that a Company knows where they are legally, without incurring any costs in advance. HR Smart can also create Employee Handbooks, HR Policies & Procedures and various other employment documentation to make sure its clients are legally compliant.

HR Manager

Once the business grows to around 15 employees, there will eventually be a need to have some on-site HR support. HR Smart tailors this Human Resources manager service to the client's specific needs and charges a fixed fee price for a consultant to attend the client's site on a periodic basis. Just by having that support face to face, can immediately alleviate some of the anxiety of running a business and employing staff. It can also allow the Directors to get on with growing and expanding the business instead of having to deal with administrative HR tasks.

HR Information Systems

Once the Company has grown to around 20 – 30 employees, it will be worth looking at implementing a computerised system to store and track all employee related information for easy access and reporting. This could include employee timesheets, holidays, absence or disciplinary information. Ideally, the system should also work in conjunction with your payroll systems so that data is not double keyed and data integrity is maintained. HR systems do not have to be expensive to implement and can be installed for a cost effective price.

Special HR Projects

So, your Company now employs 30+ employees and you wish to continue to develop and train them. HR Smart can help with any of the following special HR projects:-
Training - Developing all or just key employees
TUPE- HR Smart can help a growing a business in an acquisition
Recruitment - We can help plan and implement your recruitment projects
Benefits - Employee packages can be designed and implemented
HR Strategy - Helping the Directors to design an HR strategy that compliments the Company strategy
If you recognise your Company in the above scenarios, then why not give Heidi Rush a call on 0845 6100 651 or e-mail her at heidi@hrsmartuk.com to see how HR Smart could benefit your business today.


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