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August 23rd, 2017
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Welcome to HR Smart. Specific Human Resources service, tailored for your company.
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Sickness is on the Decline

Entered by: Heidi Rush @ 19:42:57 on 20/07/09

Today the CIPD released their findings of their 10th Absence Management Survey. Over 600 companies of various sectors and sizes take part in the report. This year, the report has found that absence in the private sectors continues to fall and now sits at 7.4 days, the lowest since the report began.

Minor aliments such as coughs, colds and stomach upsets are still the major causes of short unplanned absences for all employees. Muscle complaints, such as strains and back pain are the second major cause of short term absence in manual workers, with non manual employees stating stress as the second significant reason for short term absence.

Long term absences are caused by acute medical conditions, mental ill health, clinical depression and anxiety and musculoskeletal conditions in non manual workers.

On average private sector employers, employing up to 99 employees, had an average absence of 5.5 days per year, which increases to 6.8 days for private sector employers of up to 249 employees. Unsurprisingly, absence in the public sector remains the highest at an average of 9.8 days per employee.

The lowest level of employee absence was found in East Anglia at 4.8 days, 6 days for the South East, excluding London, and 6.5 days average absence for London based employees.

And the cost of absence is on average £692 per employee per annum, which is an increase from £666 per employee per annum last year. However, the cost of absence in manufacturing is £754 per employee per year but only £666 per employee per year in the private sector.

What remains disappointing to us at HR Smart is of all those companies that take part in the annual survey, only half have a target in place for endeavouring to reduce and manage their absence.

If you want to discuss your Company's level of absence or how you can manage absence within your business, give us a call on 0845 6100 651.

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