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August 23rd, 2017
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Welcome to HR Smart. Specific Human Resources service, tailored for your company.
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Employment Tribunals on the Increase again

Entered by: Heidi Rush @ 11:07:03 on 11/05/09

In these days of recession, decreasing sales and cost cutting, your one true asset, which makes you different from your competitors, will be your employees. 

In order to make sure that you are getting the best from your employees, you may wish to take the advice, support and guidance of a HR Consultant. A Human Resources Consultant can help you effectively manage your people and ensure that any risks are kept to a minimum.
Here at HR Smart, we believe that developing and retaining the best employees is imperative to your business, but in the first instance, you must have firm foundations in which to build upon. For us at HR Smart, this means ensuring that you are legally compliant and have workable HR systems.
The annual report from ACAS shows that the number of employment tribunals are still on the increase. The records for the year up to 31st March 2008 show that there was a leap of 50,000 further employment tribunals on the previous year, making the total number of claims 189,303. Surprisingly, the number of claims for unfair dismissals remains steady with the total number of claims in the region of 40,000 claims per annum. The statistics show that the claim areas that are on the increase are breaches of Working Time Directive, which have over doubled from 21,127 to a staggering 55,712. A close second was the number of equal pay claims, which have increased by nearly 20,000 to 62,706.
What is more disappointing to see is that the number of employment tribunals that were taken for failing to comply with the requirement to provide a written statement of particulars, or more commonly known as a contract of employment, which have increased by 1,500 to 4,955. 
Whilst normally combined with another claim, failing to provide a written statement of particulars is a claim that can easily be avoided. The amount of compensation will be between £700 and £1400, which is the equivalent of two or four weeks' pay (at the tribunal's discretion). A week's pay for this purpose is subject to a statutory limit, which up until February 2010 is £350 per week. 
Two benefits of talking to HR Smart about your contracts of employment and HR Systems are that we always work on a fixed fee basis and can produce you a contract of employment from as little as £295 plus VAT and our first meeting with you will be on a no obligation basis.
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