HR Smart was established in 2004 and provides a wide range of human resources services and solutions to fit all of your HR requirements. Operating across the UK, we have an experienced team to provide you with professional and accurate human resources advice on any HR issues that your Company may experience.

Our HR Services are designed for companies who are growing in size, already have a reasonable sized workforce or are perhaps recruiting for the first time. As a Business Owner, Manager or Director, you will recognise that spending time away from planning and developing your business, when researching the rights and wrongs of employment law, is not a valuable use of your time.

Our aim is to always provide Human Resources Support and Services in line with legislation and current best HR practice. We provide HR advice in a clear, concise and easy to follow format - free of legal jargon.

Asking questions and seeking reassurance is only human nature, so please contact us at HR Smart. We are always happy to assist.

HR Manager Service

Experienced HR managers to support your Human Resources department, or to provide a full service if you do not have one.

HR Helpline

Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week; the HR Helpline is available on a contract basis.

Employment Documentation

We can create all of the essential employment documents required for your business. This includes employment contracts!

HR Resources

Using our sister website, we can provide good quality information and reporting to help you manage you business.

HR Specialist Projects

HR Smart is able to assist you with your Human Resources projects by ensuring a cost conscious timely completion.

HR Training

Employees are the core of any business; with Human Resources training, you can develop, motivate and inspire your employees.

Specific HR Services Tailored For Your Company

Specific Human Resources service
Every business is different; this is why we don’t impose ‘one size fits all. Instead we create HR solutions that suit your unique circumstances.
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Measured By Prompt Delivery Of Products And Services

Measured by prompt delivery of products and services
Urgent HR issues can arise suddenly. Similarly, if you are eager to move forward with your business, you need a HR company who will push you forward, not hold you back!
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Reassurance That You Are Meeting Your Legal Obligations

Reassurance that you are meeting your legal obligations
Employment legislation is always changing and some may find them complicated and difficult to understand. No adhering to these regulations can be very damaging for a business; this is why we make sure that all of your employment practices are fully compliant.
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‘HR Smart has provided my company, Water Wellbeing Ltd, trading as Edgar’s Water with employment law advice and support for many years. Heidi has been and continues to be our ‘go to lady ’for all things HR’. Our in-house HR team feel secure by having Heidi on the end of a phone to confirm or advise on all aspects of HR including new legislation, policies, processes and employee interaction. I feel HR Smart compliments our HR team here at Water Wellbeing Ltd by providing excellent service, effective advice and solutions for our business’.

- Mike Beaumont -

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